Piano lessns with Bryan - (SKYPE/ZOOM)

I began taking piano lessons at the age of eight and continued until age 16. I remember as a young child not looking forward to practicing and never imagined that when I moved away to college my piano would be what I missed most of all. While studying English at UC Berkeley, I continued to play in chamber music groups and later in a rock band! I always loved to sing and also sang rock covers with the band, but with my voice being a very low bass, I eventually transitioned to singing opera. I started training in opera in Los Angeles and sang with a few local opera companies there before moving to Chicago for grad school. In 2017, I finished my MM in voice at Roosevelt University and have been singing with local companies and churches in Chicago ever since.

I've been fortunate enough to perform with music festivals and other productions in Europe and across the states. Coming from a family of teachers, in an environment emersed in the logistics and politics of education, I grew up well aware of the difference between a passionate and lazy teacher, and the profound effect each would have on their students. Because I have been so blessed to have had so many amazing teachers throughout my life and now career, it is with profound joy that I look forward to sharing these gifts of music. Whether a student's interest is long term, bubbling curiosity, or mom's insistence, I can absolutely relate and look forward to cultivating for students at any level a life-long passion for music.

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