Ayal - Guitar & Piano Teacher (Berklee College of Music)

AYAL - Guitar Teacher (Berklee College of Music)

I'm a composer, guitar player and instructor whose music has been featured in films, television, records and concerts. Over the last 16 years, I've taught and directed students, groups and ensembles in private music schools, day schools and colleges, including students at almost every age and level of playing, giving them an exciting and fun experience.

My stylistic diversity, technical and theoretical mastery, use of many effects and sounds, and skills as a composer and producer brought me to various musical works such as writing original music and recording guitars for prime time American T.V. shows, leading a Jazz trio and also a 10 piece funk band and performing in many venues around Los Angeles and the U.S. while playing electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars with various groups and projects.

My teaching style is supportive, friendly, encouraging and problem solving. I adjust the lesson plan to the rhythm of the student, and push him forward when it is possible and necessary. I’d rather have the student express himself with the tools he has, but I always teach new material and make sure the student keeps advancing.


contact 310-804-6331

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