Guitar Lessns with Michael | Degree in Music Composition (60 min)

Hi there! I'm Michael and whether you are a complete beginner, advanced player, or somewhere in between, I would be happy to lend you a helping hand on your musical journey. The guitar is a highly versatile instrument that is both daunting to master and beautiful to become acquainted with. My goal and hope is to assist you in decoding some of its mysteries, strengthening your understanding of music as a whole from the perspective of a guitarist, and to better define your artistic voice as a musician.

I began my trek on the never ending road of music at the age of 6 with the piano and by age 14 I switched over to the guitar. Since then I have had the great pleasure of studying a number of other stringed instruments such as the bouzouki, the baglama, the mandolin, the violin, the bass, and the puerto rican cuatro. Additionally I have studied a bit of the tenor sax and the trumpet. I can say with confidence that it is thanks to the time, energy, and love that I have poured into the guitar over the years that I am able to pick up and get a grasp of a variety of different instruments; it is my exposure to a number of other instruments and playing styles that affirms and grounds my connection to the guitar. As the modern father of classical guitar, Andres Segovia, once said "The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice."

In 2015 I graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Visual Arts & Music Composition - I have also had the great fortune of privately studying and building personal relationships with true masters of the guitar, such as Ric Molina, Virginia Luque, & Michael Daves. Over the years I have functioned as a studio musician, touring/gigging musician, accompanist for theatre troupes, and teacher for students ranging in 5 years of age to 60.

I enjoy catering my teaching style to my student's needs for there are many aspects of music and the guitar to study. The best way to learn something is by framing it within a practical "real world" context; for a musician this practical context is widely agreed to be songs! Bring what interests you and perhaps I too can offer material for you to consider and sink your teeth in to. Together we will go over playing technique, ear training, theoretical concepts of composition, and explore improvisation in order to help bring your musical voice to the surface.

I very much view music as a narrative driven art form with the capacity to tell a story - to develop emotion with the unfolding of tension and resolution. I hope to give you the tools to assist you in sharing your story!

Available (EST):
Monday/Tuesday 10am-8pm
Wednesday 10am-12pm
Thursday-Sunday 10am-8pm

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