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Updated as of December 31, 2018.

We use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a
better user experience.

The following describes how we use cookies or where you can
obtain more information how to change your cookie settings:

[1] What is a cookie?
[2] How are cookies used?
[3] How long do cookies last?
[4] Cookies explained in detail.

[1] Cookies are small files that identify your device or browser to
remember your browsing paths. We store your information when
you sign in to our website. This makes it easier for you to sign in
and access information quickly. Cookies fit into two general
categories: 1) data that lasts only during your browsing session
until you close your browser or 2) data which lasts until you
delete it.

[2] We use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with
services and to collect data.  Most web browsers are pre-set to
accept cookies, but if you do not want to receive cookies, you can
adjust your browser settings to warn you when they are being
used or to refuse cookies. You can also execute the option to use
certain websites that you trust to store cookies.

[3] Temporary cookies. Cookies make it easier for you to use our
site, so if you accept cookies on our site, then when you return,
you will not have to submit your information and passwords. If
you want to know more about cookies, there is an abundance of
useful information on:
Session cookies. If we employ Adobe Flash technology, then your
device or browser will store the data from that session. We could
use web beacons, which help us collect data about users of
services that we provide, by us, or through a vendor.

[4] In our ongoing partnerships, we could expand our operations
which would mean that we would also use partners, third party
vendors, to help us get the job done. These vendors might track
technologies if you use our services. We would only use tracking
technology to improve your experience on our website or to
conduct transactions with us. These varied tracking products
include: Mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs), which are
used by developers to add features to a mobile app. Features
include: ads, data collection, and related analytics that allow the
mobile app to work.


Personal information is important to you. It is our goal to collect
and use data consistent only with your consent, and as allowed or
required by law and only for the time that we need your personal
information. Thank you for entrusting your data with us. We
promise to take your trust seriously and we hope to meet your
expectations of data privacy.
We will collect your personal information as follows in order to
send you the Lessns newsletter and exciting information about
our upcoming launch. If you register on our website, then we will
ask you for: email information, business name, general company
description and we will also ask you if you are interested in
becoming a partner or client.

We will inform you clearly which data we want to collect and how
we want to use it so you can give informed consent. We do not
use pre-ticked boxes and we ask you to positively show us your
consent by ticking a box. You may withdraw consent at any time.
If you wish to withdraw your consent or unsubscribe from any of
our communications, you may contact us at:
We will keep a record of when and how we get consent from you
so that we can be accountable. It is our practice to regularly
review consents to check that the relationship, the processing,
and the purposes are consistent.


We collect your data to make our interactions smoother, and we
will advise you of the purpose for which we collect personal data.
We will ask for your permission if we want to use your personal
information for another purpose. We will collect your personal
information fairly, lawfully, for legitimate purposes only and
where appropriate, only with your knowledge and consent.

We will advise you where your data is located and how we
transfer your data as part of the services that we provide to you.
We protect your data and identity. We confirm that only you are
accessing our website and services. Lessns uses Amazon Web
Services (AWS) with strong data protection policies. We will store
your data at a AWS repository. We will take all possible
reasonable security safeguards against loss, unauthorized access,
destruction, or improper disclosure of personal information.

Cross border data transfers will occur if you access our services
from outside United States of America borders. This means that in
order to execute our transactions, we will send or retrieve data
across a border. Our trans-border data flows will be protected
under secure principles that do not create obstacles to developing
economic relations. We will transfer your personal data to fulfill a
contract that we enter together with you, for example, to process
a payment or other lawful purposes. Remember, that you can
withdraw consent for marketing purposes at any time.

Account registration: If you register for an account with Lessns,
we will ask you for the following information: name, address,
age, gender, government ID, financial information, photographs,
videos or audio recordings, credit card and other payment
information, certain school / education information.

You have the right to ask us for information that we have about
you, and in most cases, we will try to do this for no charge. If
there is a burdensome amount of information, then we will ask
you for a nominal, reasonable fee. We will try to satisfy your
request in under 30 days, which is the time that we have under
law. If we are unable to fully comply with your request, you can
appeal to the data supervising authority, and you must do that
within 30 days. We will, of course, try our best to deliver the data
to you before that timeline.

It is important for us to keep your trust, and so we will take care
to keep your data accurate and to up to date. If you inform us of a
change, then we will take steps to amend that data as soon as is
reasonably possible. We want to make sure that any data we
have about you is lawfully kept and that it is accurate.

You may ask us to delete your data and withdraw consent at any
time. We will honor this request as allowed by law. After a
reasonable, legal period of time, we will not keep your data. So,
for example, if you we end up doing business together through a
contract, we will only keep the contract specific information as
long as the pertinent laws require. Just email us at and advise us that you want us to erase the
data we have about you.

At any time, you can inform us that you want us to restrict
processing and we will satisfy that request as soon as reasonably
possible. Some types of processing are required for us to continue
our relationship with you. In those cases, you will be informed
that it is not possible to restrict processing as requested and
continue to be a client of Lessns. Of course, we will always follow
relevant laws about electronic record retention.

If you give electronic personal data either by 1) consent to store
your data or 2) we enter into a contract with each other, then you
can request us to provide you with machine-readable data of your
account information. In the case that we would process your data
via automated means, you would also have this right, called the
Right to Portability.

Lessns’ technology does not employ automated decision making
according to artificial intelligence. You are protected from that at

Data privacy laws are arising and changing in 2019. Where you
live, there is likely to be a Supervising Authority for data privacy
protection. If you are a resident of the European Economic Area,

the UK, or Switzerland, and you are not satisfied with our data
processing methods, you may complain to the data privacy
authority where you live.


You may review or change certain Personal Information in your
user account on the Site (if you have one) by logging in to the “My
Account” or similar area of the Site or by contacting Us using
the Contact Us information below. We may ask you to verify your
identity before We provide you with your information or make
changes to it. We reserve the right to keep certain Personal
Information necessary for record-keeping to the extent permitted
and/or required by law, including any statutory retention

If you are a parent, guardian, or teacher and you or your minor
child or student have provided Us with Personal Information
about that child or student, you may:

● revoke any consent you may have provided for that child
● review or revise that Personal Information
● ask Us to delete the child's Personal Information
● ask Us not to collect Personal Information from the child
in the future by contacting us at:

You can opt-out through our “unsubscribe” option and you can
ask us to erase your data by sending an email to:

You may contact us about privacy questions, comments, or
concerns at: